Q: Who is eligible for the RPM loyalty program by Al Yousuf Motors?

A: This loyalty card is offered to all Alyousuf Motors customers. The customer is eligible to enroll after they complete a purchase at any AYM outlet. Customers of workshop or service are not eligible until they execute a new purchase. This program is not open to fleet, export, none-UAE residents and Alyousuf employees or their families.

Q: How do I enroll in RPM program?

A: The enrollment process can be done at any AYM outlet with the help of a sales person. Customer should present their emirates ID (copy of the ID will be collected for record keeping) as well as provide a valid email address and mobile number.

Q: When does the accrued loyalty points reflect on user account?

A: The accrued loyalty points will be visible on the user account, only 48 hours after purchase.

Q: How are my points calculated?

A: To validate earning of points, customers have to present their card in person, at any of Al Yousuf Motors/Al Yousuf Electronics outlet.Customers will be able to receive points corresponding to 2% for all completed purchases from any participating outlet. The same applies for after sale service at Al Yousuf Motors workshop. That is if a customer purchase items for AED 20,000 they will receive 400 points.

Q: How do I keep a track of my loyalty points?

A: Customers can access the loyalty program website to check how many points they have. They can use their member’s number and last name.

Q: Where can I find information about what gifts or merchandise I can win based on RPM points?

A: A page on the RPM website will show what rewards and gifts a customer can redeem with his/her points. Only items listed as rewards will be open for redemption.

Q: How do I know about the new offers and new updates?

A: Offers will be sent to the email used at the time of signing up. Customers can also log in into their accounts online and update their email address or view current offers.

Q: How do I become a gold or platinum member? And what privileges will I receive?

A: Members start at silver level. If the members collect more than 5,000 points they are eligible to become a gold member, members with more than 10,000 points are eligible to become platinum members. Some of AYM elite and VIP customers will be issued gold card membership from the start to showcase our gratitude for their loyalty. Once a customer has been upgraded to a higher tier, they remain in this tier even if their total points decrease to bellow the limit.

Q: Does the membership expire?

A: Members who do not use their membership for a period of one year will automatically lose their membership.

Q: What happens to my points in case of a refund?

A: If a customer refunds his/her purchase the corresponding points will be deducted from their account. If available points are not enough for deduction then the member can either return the reward (in perfect condition) or will lose the membership.

Q: How many times can I redeem my points in a day?

A: Customers can redeem only once per 48 hours from any AYM outlet.

Q: Will my account be cancelled if I have zero points on my RPM account?

A: Members who redeem their points can have a zero balance; this will not result in their disqualification.